1. rotto-cuore:

    i would give my left nut to leave for boot camp tomorrow. Sept please hurry up.


  2. Thanks for the genuine response, now go fuck yourself.

  3. italdred:

    Cellini’s Perseus (by Lano Ling)

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  4. vietnamwarera:

    M113 APCs in the Le Hong Phong forest


  5. I want to sleep with an M-16 next to me.


  6. Anonymous said: I want to throw you onto a table and eat you out. You are irresistible. You are a supernova. You are a bright and flaming beauty in the void. I want to make a fragile human connection with you before we die. I want to kiss you with my eyelashes.


    kiss me then. It’s five am. Do whatever I tell u and I’ll love you prob. Fuck me



  7. spicyshimmy:

    i was going to make a list of ways jim kirk might’ve proposed to spock but then i realized the only way it could possibly have happened was on the bridge of the enterprise right when it was time to enter warp and jim turned to spock and held up a little velvet ring box and opened it and said ‘engage?’ oh my god

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  9. avdazedrabbit:

    Malcolm Liepke, Woman’s Hips, 2013

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  12. royaldreaming:

    @gia_the_queen 💁

    fuccin qt

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  15. Maas & Stacks

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